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WSi4 is a 3D Software that integrates all aspects of metal manufacturing, from construction to the complete assembly. It allows its users to create quotes, cost calculations, and manufacturing documents at maximum efficiency.

WSi4 is being actively developed and can be tested for free.

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WSi4 is an independent 3D software.

It offers

  • Import of 2D (DXF, GEO) and 3D (STEP) models
  • Integrated document management
  • Calculation of entire sheet metal assemblies within seconds
  • Calculation and processing of tube parts
  • Fully automatic technical drawings for press brake parts
  • Generation of web-based 3D assembling instructions
  • 2D nesting
  • 3D nesting
  • Extensive TypeScript / JavaScript based API
  • Connectivity with ERP systems
  • No dependency upon third-party tools



WSi4 minimizes user efforts by offering a high degree of automization, thus maximizing customer benefits. It automatically generates

  • Precise unfoldings of 3D models
  • Manufacturing documents
  • Quotes
  • Cost calculations
  • Bills of materials
  • Exact tube calculation (laser time and material consumption)
  • Generic tube programs via .geo (for TRUMPF tube laser systems)
  • Press brake programs
  • Interactive 3D HTML files
  • Laser cut-outs (DXF, GEO)

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Technical drawings

Technical drawings

WSi4 supports its users with the creation of technical drawings.

It generates all necessary technical bend drawings to allow for quality control right at the press brake.

This is done directly from the 3D model and fully automatic.

Technical drawings

API Documentation

WSi4 offers an extensive programming interface via its TypeScript / JavaScript API. This allows for a seamless integration of WSi4 into existing processes and interfaces.

We are happy to assist our customers in building their own custom solutions using the plethora of technologies covered by WSi4.

Assembling with WSi4

WSi4 supports the creation of interactive 3D assembling instructions that run on every device featuring a modern web browser. These offer many advantages over standard document-based assembling instructions:

  • Less work to create
  • No fixed viewing angles that potentially hide important aspects
  • The user’s three-dimensional comprehension of the task is greatly enhanced
  • More details for each assembling step
  • Deployment via web server which removes the need for saving local copies
  • Fewer texts and thus also reduced overhead for internationalization

Interactive assembling instructions

More interactive assembling instructions powered by WSi4

Sheet Metal Web Shop

Sheet Metal Web Shop

WSi4 comes with a GUI frontend that runs entirely within a web browser. This allows setting up a customized online sheet metal calculation system that can be turned into a full-fledged sheet metal web shop.

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Sheet Metal Web Shop