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The highest level of innovation

WSoptics pioneers new ways in the development of manufacturing processes. We develop computer-based intelligence that simplifies and optimizes production processes. Join us and be a part of our success story.

Our calculation solutions

Save up to 99 % of time using our specialized software. Sheet metal quotations have never been this fast.

WSi4 is a 3D software which manages entire assemblies. It unfolds and calculates sheet metal projects within seconds. Combined with an erp interface WSi4 provides a high degree of digitization. WSi4 can be tested for free.

Our sheet metal online shop allows manufacturers to offer a customized shop system to their customers. Users can easily calculate and order their own laser parts, press brake parts, and entire sheet metal assemblies.

Our products are eligible for public funding!

Calculated files - Sheet metal in motion

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Further portfolio

WSweld is a complete laser welding solution that can be readily integrated into a Trumpf CO₂ Laser cutting machine. The programming software offers an intuitive way to program the laser machine.

We have been developing laser solutions for almost a decade. Our experience ranges from research in the foundations of laser technology to commercial laser-based manufacturing.

WSqr is an integrated marking solution for flatbed laser cutters. It works autonomously and embeds into existing processes, receiving all its information automatically from an existing ERP system.